900 mhz band not supported?

Hello from Argentine!
In my country the ISM band is 900 mhz like US.
Mr Congduc Pham told me by email that this frequency is not supported because the frequency hopping mechanism is not implemented.
I did some small tests and was able to connect.
-What influences the frequency jump?
-Are you planning to implement it sometime?
-Without frequency hopping, can I deploy a solution for commercial use?
Thank you!

Dear Javier,

In Argentina, the ISM band is 915-928. It seems that most of South America countries follow the AU915-928 (Australia) frequency plan defined by LoRaWAN:

This freq. plan requires fequency hopping, as described in (1).

We are not going to support the frequency hopping with the single channel version and unfortunately if you want to deploy for commercial use it will not be possible Iā€™m afraid.

You may consider using LMIC stack for the Arduino end device which does support frequency hopping. Then for the gateway, the simplest solution would be to use a multi-channel hat such as RAK2245. With such setting, you can still be able to have a very flexible gateway that can connect to any cloud platforms (including wazicloud of course). See https://github.com/CongducPham/LowCostLoRaGw/tree/master/gw_full_latest/scripts/rak2245-rak831

Hope that helps,

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Dear Congduc,
Thanks for the quick reply.
This would be for a Lorawan implementation, but if I only want to do an implementation in smaller scenarios, like an individual farm with a single channel gateway, do I also need the frequency hopping support?
Thank you!