Buying WaziDev boards

When WaziDev boards will be avaliable as open Source or how we can buy boards.

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Hi Dejan, thi is the million dollar question…

This is simple questions. When, and how will be WaziDev board avaliable.

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news about that? do you have?

Hi, any update about this topic?

It seems that owner of forum and developer of WaziDev boards, doesnt want to anwer. Which is very stuppid. Please respond. Months are passing. When and how it will be possible to buy WaziDev boards and how?

Hi guys, sorry for not replying.
Commercializing is harder than we thought :slight_smile:
We are working on that but it takes some time…
We are studying the options for e-commerce and shipments.

Have you explored the possibility of making the board open source? or at least sharing schematics to enable people to use other open-source boards with the rfm95w and send data to the wazihub Platform?

I have personally tried this(connect an open source dev board with rfm95w and send that to waziup platform) without success. We are using the SS pin as defined in the library but for some reason, it’s still not working and I feel there’s probably something missing in the connections.

A speedy solution will be appreciated

Sharing the board as opensource might take some time if managers decide to do so.
In the meanwhile please share your wiring scheme here so we try to resolve the issue together.

Wiring an Arduino (Pro mini, Uno, nano, … ) to an RFM95W should work for Waziup without an issue.