Chirpstack has the possibility to integrate influxdb Version 2

The installed version of chirpstack has the possibility to integrate influxdb V1 , device data can be sent and/or received over mqtt, http and be written directly into Influxdb.

ref :

Is it possible to upgrade chirpstack to version V3.16.0 or higher for influxdb V2?

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If possible how to upgrade and which items to keep in mind ?


It is possible to upgrade Chirptack, but I am not sure about the consequences.
If there are breaking changes in the new Chirpstack API, thinks might not work properly.

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The current version of ChirpStack support InfluxDB V1.
At the moment functional .
Planning to upgrade ChirpStack to version 3.17
For sure there will be breaking changes … but hopefully to be solved . :slight_smile: :wink: