Configure waziup-gate to send Matt messages to own broker

Hi, I have set up a waziup-gate and want to use it to send received lora messages to an MQTT broker on another server. How do I accomplish this?
Thank you Christian

Hi, I think I got it. I added the following line to the docker-compose.yml in the wazigate-lora:environment section:

  • WAZIGATE_MQTT_ADDR=<my_host_ip>:1883

After restarting I got the messages on my server.
Sincerely Christian


Hello. I cant found that option i would like to use my broker mqtt where do you found that option?

This is an advanced option, so you need to do it manually:

First, ssh to your gateway. Tutorial here:

Then go to the wazigate directory:

cd waziup-gateway

Then edit the docker-compose.yml file as Christian says.

nano docker-compose.yml

Find where Christian says and edit it accordingly.

Finally save and exit by pressing Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X