Error of not publishing data

i am facing the above error. Kindly help

Hi @usafiiot, where do you see this error?
It’s an access denied error, so you should check that the account registered on the gateway is the same on the Cloud dashboard. You should also check that the device on Cloud dashboard belongs to you.
What is your device ID?

WaziDev wazidev(“WTR001”, 8);
I have the gateway registered with my account… the same email is the one am using for the waziup gateway. Let me restart all over again and see whether the error will persist…
The error is at waziup.local/880

On this device:
I can see some data came yersterday around 3pm.
So it seems to be working?

PS. The error on the Cloud dashboard “Error when fetching user permissions” means that your browser didn’t refresh the permission token. You can just clean that error.