Gateway WiFi Failure

Hi, The gateway sometimes fail to create A WiFi access point or join Access points to which it has been connected in the past.

The only solution is usually to connect it to a monitor. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Eodunlade,
Which version of the gateway do you use?
The normal behaviour of WaziGate is that if it cannot connect to the previously connected WiFi router on boot, it tries it 4 times and each time it waits for the WiFi to become available, if after all 4 trials due to any reason being out of range, wrong credentials or a crowd network it cannot connect, it switches automatically to WiFi Access point mode.
if you have a WaziHAT with OLED display on your Wazigate, it shows the WiFi status and there is a push button that you can force the gateway to switch to Access point mode. Here you can see more info:

If the behaviour is different, please attach a monitor to your gateway or ssh into it through Ethernet cable and share the Network logs here for more help.
Thank you