High Current/Voltage programmable Pins on WaziDev

Hello everybody,
I received a question via email about how to use high current/voltage programmable pins on WaziDev.
In other words, since WaziDev output pins provide 3.3v with maximum current of around 20 mA, how we can control sensors or actuators that require more voltage (e.g. a 12V water valve) or drain more current (e.g. a GPS sensor).

Here is the explanation on how to wire it and how to use those pins:

The wiring diagram is for an older version of WaziDev (v1.2), but it also works the same way for WaziDev v1.3 and v1.4. The only difference is the location of M8 and M9 pins, have a look:

If you have any question or thoughts related to usage of those pins, please share it right here.