HT-M00 Dual Channel LoRa Gateway

Good new for the HT-M00,it is a low-cost dual-channel gateway.It is located to smart family LoRa applications that work with less than 30PCS LoRa nodes. This gateway is based on two SX1276 chips driven by ESP32. We wrote a software mixer (also called a baseband simulation program) to make it possible to achieve 125KHz SF7~SF12 spreading factor monitoring. If you need to buythis, don’t forget to read this! [ HT-M00 Dual Channel LoRa Gateway – leapIOT)
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Hi…HT-M00 isn’t appropriate for open air application. To begin with of all, HT-M00 don’t have waterproofing design; HT-M00 driving by ESP32, it’s difficult to config LTE organize global bands, how to put through to a arrange may be a huge problem; Don’t have a Dad or FEM interior the HT-M00, so the communication separate can’t reach to 3~4 kilometers, the most work of HT-M00 is to supply LoRaWAN organize for a huge house of up to 1500~2000 square meters, or to create up for the daze spots of the flag in ranges where the SX1301 door flag cannot cover.

The another one is for outdoor use and waterproofing and good coverage.