I have problem when i try to send gps to cloud

Error when fetching user permissions: 500 “HttpExceptionRequest Request {\n host = “keycloak.waziup.io”\n port = 443\n secure = True\n requestHeaders = [(“Content-Type”,“application/x-www-form-urlencoded”),(“Authorization”,”"),(“User-Agent”,“haskell wreq-”)]\n path = “/auth/realms/waziup/protocol/openid-connect/token”\n queryString = “”\n method = “POST”\n proxy = Nothing\n rawBody = False\n redirectCount = 10\n responseTimeout = ResponseTimeoutDefault\n requestVersion = HTTP/1.1\n}\n ResponseTimeout" [29]

Hello @bayebass0,
could you give some context? Where does this error appears? What are you trying to do?