Is it posible use a comercial gateway?

Is it possible to connect to wazicloud using another commercial gateway? for example one of Dragino …

Hi, if the commercial gateway allows customization to run scripts then maybe, but this is not usually the case. This is why we propose our waziup framework that can also use the SX1301 concentrator board at low level radio interface.


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Dear Javier,
yes, it’s possible to use WaziCloud with another commercial gateway. The WaziCloud is independant from the rest, everything is accessible through API:
If you have a LoRaWAN gateway, is will be even easier, as we will configure the WaziCloud as a LoRaWAN network server.

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Let me understand. I could use a commercial gateway, but I should develop my own application and make requests to the apis from there, since I can’t use the waziup dashboard as it has special scripts for example to connect to wazigate remotely and a commercial ones does not have that degree of customization.
I am right? or is there another way to do it?