LoRaWan Gateway : possible more sensors to 1 GW?

Is it possible to have more sensors connected to just 1 gateway ? If so , howto ?
Regards . Thx

Yes, it is possible to have multiple sensors/devices.
If you want to have several devices (e.g. several Arduino boards), you need to click on the “plus” sign and add a new device. Beware that the DevAddr should be different for each device. See this tutorial: https://www.waziup.io/documentation/wazigate/v2/lorawan/


If want you need is several sensors on the same device, you need to change your Arduino code to add more sensors with different channels:

#include <xlpp.h>

void setup()

XLPP xlpp(120);

void loop(void)
  // Create xlpp payload
  xlpp.addTemperature(1, 90.0); // °C
  xlpp.addVoltage(2, 2); // Volts

This code adds 2 sensors: one temperature (channel 1) and one voltage sensor (channel 2).
They will be created automatically on the gateway.