My wazigate doesn't display on the platform wazicloud (gateway side)

Hello, I have a problem with my wazigate, I was given a wazidev kit already configured not long ago, after reception I connected to the wazigate to change the cloud connection addresses and put mine, on the interface of the gateway it tells me that I’m well connected to the internet and that my gateway has been well registered, except that if I leave on my cloud waziup account in session gateways, there is nothing I see my gateway, while it is well connected, do you have a solution on this, thank you.

Sd card: 8GO
Frameware Version: V1.0-beta4
hardware: Raspberry pi 3B
Lora hat: WaziHAT ver 1.3

Hi @diallo,
thanks for your report.
First of all as said your version of the WaziGate is too old: you should flash a more recent version.

A SD card of 8Go is enough.

Regarding your gateway, It seems to be registered on the dashboard with another account (from Cheikh). So I deleted it.
When you boot up with the new version and put your account, the gateway should register itself under your account.

Ok ok great, thanks I’ll try to update and re-test.

side 8GB memory card is not enough after balena etcher

I don’t understand… After downloading V1.1.1, the image is 7.6Go…
Which image did you download?

it’s weird me the image I downloaded is 15.6 GB, and I uploaded it on the official website
I’m gonna re-download it to see

Yeah, Good news
after deleting the account of (cheikh) it works now, thank you very much, but I will update as soon as possible

That’s great, thanks!