New WaziGate version: V1.1.1

We just release the V1.1.1:
Here is how to flash it quickly:

Important bugs has been fixed. See the Changelog:

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Hello everybody,

We have added a WiFi health watch which monitors the WiFi status and makes sure your Wazigate is always connected. In order to get it you need to update your gateway. Here is how you can do it:

Log into your Wazigate and go to the update page, then click on the update button

Now just wait for the update to get completed. depending on your internet connenction it might take some minutes

Now you are good to go. No restart required. You can see your system module is updated in the maintenance/modules page:

We will upload the full SD card image (V1.1.2) and share the link.

Hi, does version 1.1.2 already contain the CayenneLPP protocol?

Hello, no it does not. However, we are going to release a version 2 beta which supports it.

Three startups i work with are having issues with the wazigate v1.1.1
When you first flash the image to the sd card and connect to the wazigate hotspot it allows you for about 5minutes, then it diconnects you and you cant connect back until you restart.

After restarting you cant connect to the hotspot, its as if the password of the hotspot has changed.

Also there’s an OpenBox software running that creates a blank screen and hence prevents you from navigating easily.

We faced this issue some time ago and resolved it. Can you please make sure you are using the latest version? Downloaded from here:

If this is the exact version that you flashed the SD card and still the issue is there, can you please send the wifi logs? for that you need to use an HDMI cable and run dmesg tool.

This is strange, if you do not change the wifi password it should not happen. This might be part of the problem described above.

(in v2 this is resolved though, but it is still in Beta state)

I have no idea about this OpenBox thing. @cdupont1 Can you please shed some lights?

Hello everybody,
this issue with WiFi Hotspot kicking out the clients after some minutes was discovered before by @Sven and reported here:

The issue was resolved at that time.
However, I checked the current version of the image that I have the fix was not there, probably the OS overwrites it or it does not exist in the SD image.
Anyways here is what we need to do:

1. Quick fix:
To fix this you need to ssh into your gateway then edit NetworkManager config file:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

and add below 2 lines:


to save the file press Ctrl+O then press Ctrl+X to exit the editor.

2. Wait for the image: I am going to build a new image with the fix included, then I will upload it and share the link here.
Here you can find the SD image to flash your gateway: [Stable] Wazigate Firmware V1.1.3

Solution 1. worked… the gateway stopped kicking people off the WiFi. Thanks for the quick response @moji

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