Problem_ connection btw the WaziDev and Wazigate

I got a problem while trying to connect the WaziDev with the WaziGate. The Gateway is already connected to my cloud but whenever I follow the user manual and try to run the LoRa Ping pong example I don’t receive it back.
hardware: Raspberry pi 4
Lora hat: WaziHAT ver 1.3
WaziDev ver 1.3

Hi Victor,

things are a little bit compilcated here :no_mouth:

The new WaziGate software (from the developer version) uses LoRaWAN only to support commercial LoRaWAN devices and sensors. For Wazidev devices you need to use the LoRaWAN+LPP example.

The usermanual however is made for the current release version V1.1 that did not do LoRaWAN but works with the example sketches for WaziDev.

The PingPong is an exception, because it comes from the Waziup Low Cost Lora Gateway which had its own packet encoding and much more examples.

We will clean up the manual to make sure that the examples are working with the current version and you don’t have to worry about the WaziGate versions anymore!

Hi Victor, just to know, are you using the developed version (from the GitHub) or the release (ISO image from the website)?

Hi Mr. Forster,

I see. Right now I’m using both images. I have two SD Cards so I tried with both and any of both works to connect it.

I didn’t really understand that part. So which would be the next step to connect the Wazi Dev with the sensor to the gate, if i use the image from the Wazi-website?

Thanks a lot for your answer

Hi ,

The last one I tried was the one from the website.

Thanks for your help