[Stable] Wazigate Firmware V1.1.3

Hello everybody,
We just released version 1.1.3 after some bug fixes.

Here is how you can flash it: https://www.waziup.io/documentation/wazigate/#flash-the-wazigate
Just please make sure to download the image from this link as the link on the website is not updated yet:

Please post your suggestions here and the issues you face in a separate topic and please do not forget to mention the version of the software that you use.

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Hi Moji,

Have downloaded and flashed several times. However my Rpi 3B is not booting- just showing the pi logo.

Is this for a Rpi 4?

Downloaded V1.1.1 from main site - that one is OK.

Any other way to update an existing image?

Many thanks

Kind regards


Hi Paul,

V1.1.3 should be ok with pi3 and pi4 as well, however we have not fully tested it on pi4. I myself at the moment use pi3 B+ for development. it works well.
Usually when it does not boot, there is an issue with the SD card flashing.

V1.1.3 has some little bug fixes over V1.1.1 if you want to use the pi as a WiFi access point then you need to update it to V1.1.3.

Another way to update the image is, to download the start.sh file from the link below and replace it on the gateway:

it’s path on your gateway is:


After that, you need to restart your gateway. You will still see the version on the dashboard V1.1.1 but the AP bug is fixed.


Hi Moji,
I just tried to flash this image, and I have the same problem.
Just 4 “Raspberry” images appears on a black background.
The gateway does not seem to boot any further.

Hi Corentin,
This is strange, let me build it again and upload it, so we can test.

Hello Paul and Corentin,

I have built and uploaded the SD image again. Please download it, test it and let me know if there is any issues.

PS: I have updated the download link in the original post above.