The sensor doesn't appear on my Dashboard

Hello, I have a little issue. My gateway is already running as well as the WaziDev is already sending information for the gateway. Now i just have the problem that the sensors dont appear on my Dashboard. Is it about the name I gave to my Gateway , the one I have to put on the IDE algorithm.

Thanks for your answer

Hi Victor,
All seems correct on the the LoRa side, the gateway receives messages.
If the gateway well connected with the Cloud?
Could you copy the content of wazigate-edge logs?

@cdupont1 we have the same problem. We are able to access the gateway remotely(from the wazicloud dashboard) and the wazigate-lora log shows it’s getting data from the wazidev node. But the node is showing up among devices on the dashboard. All help is appreciated

2020-07-25T22:45:17.630976934Z [TUNL ] 200 /admin/?get=logs&type=wazigate-lora&cId=edc4e2ff81a166925201ea9874246609bbd62a3185ca121ca3d1affaf034c0c5&n=50 s:3374
2020-07-25T22:45:17.727039551Z [DB ] 1 value for MyDevice/TC.
2020-07-25T22:45:17.727163092Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:17.727349966Z [HTTP ] 200 POST “/devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC/value” s:4
2020-07-25T22:45:17.727427830Z [UP ] Wakeup on flagged entity.
2020-07-25T22:45:17.731013540Z [DB ] 1 value for MyDevice/HUM.
2020-07-25T22:45:17.731303955Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:17.731686193Z [HTTP ] 200 POST “/devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM/value” s:4
2020-07-25T22:45:17.983764026Z [UP ] Pushed 1 values until 2020-07-25 22:45:17 +0000 UTC, buffered -724.617376ms.
2020-07-25T22:45:17.983949858Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:18.239014654Z [UP ] Pushed 1 values until 2020-07-25 22:45:17 +0000 UTC, buffered -728.726105ms.
2020-07-25T22:45:18.239198716Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:18.239414183Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 4.744632133s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:18.239492464Z [UP ] Wakeup on flagged entity.
2020-07-25T22:45:18.239555745Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 4.74447255s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:21.885005677Z [TUNL ] 200 /admin/?get=logs&type=wazigate-edge&cId=d5ef2314ddbbf460bd6688df7b09c06f418f82e87262e00f5e8c32e544d289b1&n=50 s:4482
2020-07-25T22:45:22.984282258Z [UP ] Wakeup on timer.
2020-07-25T22:45:22.985374648Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC:
2020-07-25T22:45:22.985487876Z [UP ] Values for this entity are now up-to-date.
2020-07-25T22:45:22.985521261Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 253.361883ms … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:23.239280388Z [UP ] Wakeup on timer.
2020-07-25T22:45:23.241082305Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM:
2020-07-25T22:45:23.241640948Z [UP ] Values for this entity are now up-to-date.
2020-07-25T22:45:23.241746364Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 59m59.999989584s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:28.719939163Z [TUNL ] 200 /admin/?get=logs&type=wazigate-edge&cId=d5ef2314ddbbf460bd6688df7b09c06f418f82e87262e00f5e8c32e544d289b1&n=50 s:4482
2020-07-25T22:45:33.956010649Z [DB ] 1 value for MyDevice/HUM.
2020-07-25T22:45:33.956144658Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:33.956189398Z [HTTP ] 200 POST “/devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM/value” s:4
2020-07-25T22:45:33.956404344Z [UP ] Wakeup on flagged entity.
2020-07-25T22:45:33.959706931Z [DB ] 1 value for MyDevice/TC.
2020-07-25T22:45:33.959964586Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:33.960383594Z [HTTP ] 200 POST “/devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC/value” s:4
2020-07-25T22:45:34.317718008Z [UP ] Pushed 1 values until 2020-07-25 22:45:33 +0000 UTC, buffered -953.26634ms.
2020-07-25T22:45:34.317847121Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:34.566051487Z [UP ] Pushed 1 values until 2020-07-25 22:45:33 +0000 UTC, buffered -957.241996ms.
2020-07-25T22:45:34.566176694Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC: sync
2020-07-25T22:45:34.566212684Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 4.733469795s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:34.566243257Z [UP ] Wakeup on flagged entity.
2020-07-25T22:45:34.566272475Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 4.733407243s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:34.715306948Z [TUNL ] 200 /admin/?get=logs&type=wazigate-edge&cId=d5ef2314ddbbf460bd6688df7b09c06f418f82e87262e00f5e8c32e544d289b1&n=50 s:4482
2020-07-25T22:45:39.299979334Z [UP ] Wakeup on timer.
2020-07-25T22:45:39.301808804Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/HUM:
2020-07-25T22:45:39.302139896Z [UP ] Values for this entity are now up-to-date.
2020-07-25T22:45:39.302245103Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 263.779768ms … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:39.566226625Z [UP ] Wakeup on timer.
2020-07-25T22:45:39.568420051Z [UP ] Status /devices/MyDevice/sensors/TC:
2020-07-25T22:45:39.568606144Z [UP ] Values for this entity are now up-to-date.
2020-07-25T22:45:39.568675727Z [UP ] The cloud will sleep for 59m59.999990677s … zZzZ
2020-07-25T22:45:41.704831680Z [TUNL ] 200 /admin/?get=logs&type=wazigate-edge&cId=d5ef2314ddbbf460bd6688df7b09c06f418f82e87262e00f5e8c32e544d289b1&n=50 s:4484
2020-07-25T22:45:45.278610563Z [HTTP ] [::1]:52014 200 GET “/device” s:0

the log provided is the wazigate edge log.

Hi @eodunlade,
what is the problem exactly? You don’t see the device on the Dashboard?
I see from the logs that your device is named “MyDevice”. Maybe better to choose another name, because that name is the default one and might overlap with other users.