Using other development boards/lora module with Wazigate

Dear all,

Is there any documentation or quick example that shows how to send data from nodes based on other LoRa development boards or a node combining components like the ESP32 and RFM95w, to the Wazigate(and the Wazihub Platform)?

yes, any LoRa board can send data to the WaziGate.
You just need to send the same string on LoRa, for it to be received by the WaziGate.
Anyway, I think ESP32 is compatible with Arduino, so it should be code-compatible?
In that case, you can directly try some of the examples:

@moji @cpham2 do you confirm? Do you have wiring examples?

Thanks…A schematics showing how the rfm95 can be connected to these devboards to talk to the wazihub platform will be really helpful, tried this without much success

Here you can see how to make it yourself with an Arduino pro mini + an RFM95w module:

Since the RFM95w module uses SPI bus to communicate, you can wire it to any board that supports it being almost all versions of Arduino, ESP, Raspberry pi, etc.
Juts make sure to stick to the limitations of RFM95, e.g. use 3.3v for power and communication.