Wazigate Version 2.0.0 (BETA)

Hello everybody

I am glad to share with you that we have released a Beta version of Wazigate v2.0.0 which can be downloaded from this link:

Here is a tutorial on how to set it up and configure it:

1. This is a BETA version and the functionality of all the components is not guaranteed. It is suitable for people who want to try it in their lab or do a test.
2. Do not replace your current working Wazigate with this BETA without having a backup of your SD card (or just use another SD card).

Please report any issues you find working with this version here.
Thank you

Hi moji
I installed the beta version of wazigate. I am not sure, what I can do with it. E.g. is there a website accessible and if yes what is the port number? Eventually username:password? And what has changed to the version before?
Thank you and hopefully regards

Hi Christian,

Thanks for trying it. Actually since it is Beta version, the user management component is not implemented yet, so no need for username and password.
By using the IP address of your Wazigate you should be able to see the new dashboard.

It has changed a lot specially the software architecture i.e. now we introduce Waziup Apps running on the gateway. Everything considered as an App even LoRa or system resource manager etc.

I am preparing a setup guide video and explain everything there.

If you do not see anything, try to restart it and if it still does not work, report it here to resolve the issue together.

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Hi moji
thank you for help. I succeeded now to start the wazigate and to crawl through the dashboard. My next question is about sensors: Do you have a simple example for a sketch to send data to the wazigate? Are the lora settings the same as in version 1.1.1 or have they changed?
Best regards Christian

Hi Christian,

the Wazigate v2 uses LoRaWAN with LPP as payload for Wazidevs. We moved away from simple LoRa because LoRaWAN encrypts your payload and there are a lot of commercial LoRaWAN sensors available.

Have a look at the LoRaWAN + LPP example for Wazidev :grinning:

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Hi j.forster
Thank you for supplying an example sketch. Are there any default values I have to provide as APPEUI,DEVEUI, and APPKEY? Where or how can I obtain those?
thanks and regards

Hi Christian,

For the WaziDev you will need AppSKey+NwkSKey that should be random values. The Wazigate Dashboard can create random values for you.
The DevAddr can be random too, but every WaziDev must have a different DevAddr.