Where i can buy?

I would like to know where i can buy wazidev ?



I asked this two times. It seems that they dont want to answer. i dont know why.

Please answer.

Yes i cant understand too. if you know something please let me know

Hello Rodolfo,
Can You tell me what is Your application for what You are looking for WaziDev boards.



@medi0305 hello.
well i’m new on this Lora World and i would like to create some lora sensors.
Reed switch, temperature, water meter all these sensors i want use with mqtt. but i am lost.

Hi @medi0305 and @htcheroportugal,
yes, very sorry for staying silent on this.
The WaziDev is not yet commercialized, we are working on it.
We will post the news here in forum when it is ready. It’s a matter of weeks!

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